ウマウマ by YAGI

Today I met a new friend.

He/she/it is a star.
Not famous or anything,he’s a star in the night sky. I was feeling lonely,so I looked at the stars.And noticed,that even though they seem close to me,they are so far away from each other.So they are lonelier than me. So I’m not worth complaining. So I selfishly chose a star and made it my friend. The choice was random. I just picked the one that was right above my head,and also shined the brightest. I wonder if appearances matter to stars. Because I certainly chose it from its looks. Wow. So selfish. Even with stars. Anyway he’s great company. Really. I wasn’t really sure how to commune with him though.(and yes I decided its a he, probably my *forever alone* insticts.) I started talking to him out loud in English. I don’t really know why,but I feel really comfy using English. So yeah. Then I started thinking maybe there is a star language. Would be dope. But even if it existed,I had no means of ever knowing it. So I selfishly decided again that he understands English. Well I certainly hope so. I thought of naming him. But that would be too selfish do a thing to do,even for me. He may have a name already. So I nicknamed him: Friend. It’s simple, classy, and I hope he likes it. Well if he doesn’t, he can complain all he wants about it in his freaking star language.

I’m sad again.
Because when I finally decide to go to sleep,I’ll have to say goodbye.an eternal goodbye. And I suck at goodbyes. Badly. And I don’t even want to. I really like Friend.. He’s an extremely good listener, and shines really well. He’s a meant-to-be star. I’m proud of him. Even if it is for one night,I am glad I was able to meet him. Really. I’ll always think of him as one of my best friends. I’ll always talk to other stars about him,if they know him,or advice them to meet him. Because he seemed lonely too.. And he does not deserve that. I do. I’m a person. And I’m bad at being a person. But he’s a star. And he’s doing one hell of a job. While writing all of this,he’s right above me. I’m ignoring hIm. On our only night. So as selfish as I always am, I made up a new theory. Maybe he can read minds. Maybe that’s the secret to star language,and maybe he can do that with other stars,as he’s doing with me. So maybe he’s not all that lonely. Yes,yes that’s got to be it! Friend sure has some buddies,and if he doesn’t , I am willing to be one. If only he’d teach me star language..

Hold on.
I think he moved.
I mean an hour passed since I met him so the earth must have moved. But I’m not sure if that means him moving,or me doing so. I really hope it’s the first one. Because the second one feels like I’m leaving him. Which certainly isn’t the case. I love this star,he’s my friend. A really shiny one. Maybe I’m even Kinda jealous. (Wow so many bad things about me) I’m jealous because,in case he actually is so lonely,he still shines. It’s kind of a big thing. Being surrounded by all the darkness,but still being able to shine. I hardly manage to do that. Pathetic. And I don’t know star language. Even more pathetic. I’m sorry Friend ,for forcing you to keep me company. For making theories that you may be alone just to keep me company. For nicknaming you. For being jealous of you. For leaving you after this one night. I also thank you Friend. Thank you for keeping me company.For not declining my stupid theories by throwing a meteorite friend of yours on me. For allowing me to nickname you,without you cursing at me in your star language. Well you may have done that,but you certainly were discrete. So the “thank you” is valid. And last but not least I thank you for being the best friend in the whole universe someone could ever ask for one night. I will never forget you.

~Sylvia Agarici,16

So I wrote this the other day. I write casually actually, but never post it.
This time a friend happen to read it and advised me to publish it.So here it is (: Hope you like it :D 
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